Benchrest Quality Machine Work and Chambering
All machine work is executed with precision and attention to detail


World Class Certified Cerakote Finishes

Stress free & Showroom Quality Glass and Pillar Bedding
All bedding is stress free and proof tested under dial indicators before leaving FCR.

FCR Mission Statement

Fosnaugh Customs, LLC has been in business for over 10 years and offers world-class custom bolt action rifles and finishes.  The customer can count on us to meticulously build and craft the most accurate, reliable, consistent and appealing bolt action rifles available.  All work is completed to bench rest standards and showroom quality. 

What We Offer

Pricing does not include the cost of return shipping.  Customer is responsible for return shipping cost, including insurance.


Barrel Work

**​All threading is concentric to the bore** 

  • Chamber, fit, cut, crown and caliber designation
    • ​Standard Cartridges $350
    • Magnum $375
  • ​Thread for muzzle brake (brake not included)  $150​
  • Fit side port brake (required timing) $200
  • Turn down muzzle brake for seamless transition $65
  • Spiral, straight and diamond barrel Fluting starting at $175  
  • Factory ground recoil lug (when available) $20
  • After market over-sized lug $45
  • Cut and crown barrel $100

​Action Work and Bolt work

​**Pricing based off of Remington 700 actions**

  • True Action $250

          ~Single point method used to true receiver face, internal lug abutments and threads. Bolt face                   and lugs will also be trued using the single point method~

​        ~All cuts are made true to the center line of bolt raceway~

  • Side bolt release $125
  • Bush firing pin hole and turn down firing pin tip $100
  • Install aftermarket bolt knob (knob not included) $85
  • Open scope base holes and tap for 8-40 screws $75
  •  Ti - Flute Bolt remington style $85
  • ​Skeletonize handle $75
  • ​install mini M-16 extractor$150


  • Pillar bed composite stock with aluminum pillars $275
  • Bed HS style stock with aluminum block $225
  • Inlet for over-sized recoil lugs $25
  • Inlet for larger barrel- pricing on request

Cerakote Finishes

**Pricing is for Remington style actions; additional $25 for Winchester/Ruger style actions**

  • Complete barreled action and bottom metal 
    • ​Single Color $250
    • Two Colors $285
  • ​Barrel only in one color $100
  • Receiver and Bolt
    • ​Single Color $150
    • Two Colors $180
  • ​Bolt only $65
  • Bottom Metal only $65
  • Scope Base $40
  • Rings $55
  • AR upper and lower one color $150
  • ​AR handguard $65

Stock Painting

  • Single color cerakote base with single color cerakote webbing $225
    • ​Additional color webbing $45/color
  • ​Camo patterns- Pricing on request
  • themed rifles P.O.R.

Trigger Work

  • Remington Walker Style/ Winchester Trigger adjust $35
  • Walker Style Remington Full Trigger Blue Print (stone, polish & re-spring adjust) $65